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Coaches at all levels play a crucial role in ensuring that football is an enjoyable experience for everyone, as well as laying the foundation for the development of better players. This is why Swan United FC will introduce the FFA National Football Curriculum "The Roadmap to Success" for all teams in 2020, along side coaching education to ensure the introduction and development of the curriculum is successful.


Footballers can be divided into two streams: those that are playing for fun, and those that are playing to reach the highest level possible. These are often referred to as ‘communittee’ and ‘performance’ players.


Swan United FC will work with both Football West and the FFA to ensure coaches recieve education on both the Community Courses and Advanced Courses, to reflect the two streams,  better meet their differing needs and ensure players develop accordingly.

Current Swan United FC Coaches

For current Swan United coaches, you can access the clubs coaching resources via the login below. If you do not have a login please email to request one.


Become a Coach

Being a coach is not just about teaching kids how to play sport - it involves many other attributes such as being a role model, a leader and teaching kids sportsmanship as well as creating a positive environment for the good of your team and for the sport. Whether it’s coaching a team of beginner football players or the elite, it's a fun and rewarding experience.With the expanding teams we need coaches. We can offer you access to paid Football West coaching courses and small remuneration if required. Are you a player or have a child playing? We can help with fees in return for coaching. Please message the page or contact  Jenny at for more details.

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