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Get Involved

The continued success of Swan United FC involves volunteers offering their talents, energy, passion and commitment to drive us towards our future both on the field and from a business perspective.


With the club currently planning for the up coming 2022 season and to ensure Swan United FC's continued success now and in the future, the club is looking to grow the current number of volunteers in committee and non-committee positions.


We are seeking individuals with a will to provide the best possible environment for their child's football development and enjoyment. If you would like to help the club there are numerous ways that you can get involved and it's amazing how much of a difference volunteers can make with a little bit of time and commitment.


The club needs people with the skills and experience in the areas of:

  • Facilities & Equipment - communicating, planning and commitment skills

  • Governance, Administration and Finance - financial administration, legal skills, administration skills

  • Competitions, Coaching & Development - communication, planning, coaching licenses

  • Communication, Marketing & Sponsorship

  • Fundraising & Special Projects - commitment, project planning, communication skills

  • Website, Social Media & Media Relations


Volunteer organisations require the support of many to function effectively. The more people that get involved, the lighter the workload for all. There are exciting plans for 2022 and beyond, but the ability to implement all of these will ultimately come down to our capacity to get enough people to volunteer.


No matter how much time you can offer, but would like to contribute to the success of your child's football experience and the overall club, then please contact Jenny Hill on 0412 948 292 and get involved.

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