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Vision & Values

Our Vision

Swan United Football Club’s vision is to promote the game of football and unite our players, members and the wider community by providing them with positive memorable experiences that instil a lifelong passion for the game of football.


The club also wants to provide players, coaches and members of all ages, gender, ability and ethnicity the opportunity to achieve their full potential through a positive and nurturing learning environment that enables them to participate within the club at the highest level possible whilst providing a clear development pathway from junior football to the elite level for players and coaches alike.


Our Mission

Swan United Football Club’s mission is to provide the opportunity for football training and play for all interested participants designed to develop individual skills, fitness, teamwork and sportsmanship, to support the physical, mental and emotional development of youth players, and to promote, foster and perpetuate the growth of football in our community.


We do this work by developing educationally meaningful programs for players, parents, and coaches that are challenging but are easy to access and understand, providing consistently superior coaching, training facilities and equipment, and supporting exceptionally well conceived and organized events supported by dedicated volunteers who are confident, competent, and caring.


Our Values & Philosophy

We follow a simple philosophy; provide a safe, positive and nurturing learning environment for players of all ages, gender, ability and ethnicity, with an emphasis on fun, enjoyment, cooperation, hard work, responsibility, leadership, discipline, sportsmanship, skill development and other life skills, so they can develop a love for the game, play at the highest level possible and become not only the best players possible but responsible members of our greater community.


Our committee, coaching staff, players and members are committed to high standards of integrity and responsibility by acting honestly and by treating each other with fairness, dignity and respect. We believe that having strong values and ethics is the key to successful club and these values and ethics are at the heart of every decision we make internally. These values will ensure Swan United Football Club has a long and financially sustainable future along with on field success.


Integrity: Operating in a consistent ethical way is the foundation of our club. Everything we do we ensure we are honest, trustworthy, that we treat others fairly, with respect, honour our commitments and take personal responsibility for our actions.


Excellence: Everything we do as an organisation is driven by an underlying passion for excellence and a commitment to develop not only the best players possible, but also the best people possible.


Inclusion: We are proud and committed to building an inclusive and diverse club where all members can contribute and be successful. We respect our members for their unique and diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, age, physical and mental abilities, approaches and ideas. We rely upon this diversity to inspire and enhance our competitive advantage, and make decisions that serve our broader communities.


Community: Swan United Football Club embraces and respects the involvement of the local community, and is committed to continuing and developing this relationship in the future for the betterment of all parties.

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